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Age Management Medicine Conference 2018 Orlando - Integrative Metabolic & Functional CME Medical Training
From latest research findings and eye-opening presentations to engaging, interactive panel discussions with experts to introduce and update physicians on the latest science-based clinical information and sophisticated clinical applications. After attending this in-depth, four-day conference, you’ll walk away with what you need to add this 21st century medical specialty to your existing practice. We’ll even show you how you can become certified in Age Management Medicine.

Plan ahead to join us at this dynamic conference. It will help move you and your practice forward. You’ll walk away armed with the knowledge and approaches needed to immediately add age management medicine to your current practice as well as what you can do to make it your full-time specialty.

The General Conference Curriculum will Include These Highly Instructive Topics:

  • Clinical Use of Peptides
  • Hormones and HRT for both Men and Women
  • Prevention, Early Detection, and Treatment of Breast Cancer in Women
  • Prevention, Early Detection, and Treatment of Prostate Cancer in Men
  • Precision Medicine Applications including Personalized Clinical Approaches to Aging, Genomics, Stem Cells, Microbiomme and Inflammation
  • Office Based Aesthetics Protocols (procedures done without a board certification in either Plastic Surgery or Dermatology)
  • Clinical Interventions for Aging and Disorders of Aging
  • And many more

PLUS - Four Ground-Building Full Day Pre-Conference Thursday Tracks:

Pre-Conference Track 1:
Clinical Use of Peptide’s and Peptide Therapies

Pre-Conference Track 2:
Novel Clinical Interventions in Age Management Medicine

Pre-Conference Track 3:
Office Based Aesthetics for the Age Management Clinician*

This track is none CME. Presented in conjunction with the American Academy of Microneedling

Pre-Conference Track 4:
Traumatic Brain Injury: A Clinical Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment

This track is presented in conjunction with the Warrior Angels Foundation a 501(c)(3) non-profit Organization

The Age Management Medicine Group (AMMG) would like to encourage qualified speakers who wish to become members of our faculty to submit for consideration.

The Conference Planning Committee will review all submissions. Preference will be given to credentialed faculty at the medical professional level who have an expertise in their field and have the ability to provide comprehensive learning materials for the course syllabus. Topics that reflect non-commercial, new or cutting edge evidence based information for Age Management Medicine clinicians and include the theme of this event are preferred. All faculty and presentations must adhere to ACCME standards.

Areas of interest in which the AMMG Planning Committee would like to receive submissions for are:

  • Hormones and Hormone Modulation
  • Peptides in Age Management
  • Fitness
  • Nutrition & Supplements
  • Weight Loss
  • Precision Medicine and Age Related Genetic Testing and Treatments
  • Regenerative and Cell Based Medicine
  • Disorders or Aging-Early Prevention, Early Detection and Treatment
  • Gut Health
  • CBD (Cannabidiol), Cannabis - evidence based uses in Age Management
  • Office Based Aesthetics
  • Aesthetics
  • Medical Marijuana for use in aging and age related illness.
  • Hormones and Hormone optimization
  • Sexual dysfunction in men and women
  • Precision Medicine & Clinical Uses of Genomics in Age Management

To submit a request to present please send these items in an email to

  • CV or Resume
  • Firm title
  • Description of the lecture



Age Management Medicine Conference 2018 Orlando - Integrative Metabolic & Functional CME Medical TrainingAge Management Medicine Conference 2018 Orlando - Integrative Metabolic & Functional CME Medical Training


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