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Educational Objectives

  • Understand basic nutrition strategies that can be used in patient treatment plans, including the evidence based use of dietary supplements.
  • Understand how to property diagnose and treat sex hormone imbalance.
  • Identify qualitative and quantitative risk factors, genetic and lifestyle, which predispose an individual to the disorders of aging such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis and develop skills to create individualized treatment and lifestyle modification plans through the use of hormone modulation, diet and exercise prescriptions, nutritional supplements and other therapeutic interventions.
  • Learn monitoring and evaluation techniques to manage an individual’s medical issues into the future, maximizing benefits, minimizing attrition and adding value to individual’s lives by extending health span. 
  • Learn how to complete assessments for emotional stress, pain, and insomnia and understand the application of these alternative medicine techniques (hypnosis, cognitive-behavioral coaching, and meditation) for patients by learning techniques that mitigate against the detrimental effects of stress on the brain.
  • Understand the current state of Current State of Adult Autologous Stem Cell Therapies including applications in the nervous system, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and Orthopedic Use of MSCs.
  • Learn about large scale results from studies using autologous stem cells including those in the ICMS registry.
  • Understand recent developments in office based protocols for aesthetic medicine, specifically in the areas of soft tissue fillers, non surgical procedures, torso enhancement, facial rejuvenation and pigmentation.
  • Understand appropriate diagnostic testing protocols and treatments as related to adrenal fatigue and stress.
  • Understand the increased prevalence, causation factors and treatment for non fatty liver disease.
  • Understand the relationship of hormones and hormone modulation to Cancer.
  • Understand Cancer Prevention and Treatment using Antioxidant, Antiangiogenesis and Immune Enhancement Supplements.
  • Understand how the compound Tumeric can offer clinician’s evidence based clinical options for the treatment of inflammation and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Understand how high Intensity exercise training can provide treatment for inflammation.
  • Understand Functional Testing Protocols and how they can provide for comprehensive patient assessment.
  • Understand what clinical tests are available and clinically necessary for determination of hormone levels and to determine optimal cellular function, including genetic testing.
  • Understand the hormonal causes of sexual dysfunction and what clinical methods are used to treat patients.
  • Understand the criteria for diagnosing and treating adult GH deficiency and the Pros and Cons of HGH in Cardiovascular Disease.
  • Understand Importance of Estrogen Detoxification and cancer prevention for women.
  • Understand Pharmacokinetics and Dosing for Hormones including dose variation between dosage forms.
  • Understand the relationship and effects of the long term use of Testosterone to Cardiovascular Disease, BPH and Prostate Cancer
  • Learn about Traumatic Brain Injury and how patients with TBI have decreased hormone levels.
  • Learn about recent developments in the understanding of the Limit to Human Lifespan.

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