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Educational Objectives

  • Understand basic nutrition strategies that can be use in patient treatment plans.
  • Understand the evidence basis for the medical use of dietary supplements and how they can be used as part of a comprehensive patient treatment plan.
  • Understand the basics of hormone restoration, including essential information for appropriate diagnosis and treatment.
  • Understand basic testing protocols that can be used for hormones, nutrition, fitness and mental acuity.
  • Understand how to use fitness as a component of a patient treatment plan.
  • Interactive discussion of problematic clinical cases dealing with various aspects of Age Management Medicine including patient assessment, development of individualized patient treatment programs and follow up treatment plans
  • Review Stem Cell therapies and understand which are evidence based and credible and which are not effective.
  • Understand the evidence for telomeric control of genetic aging and how this correlates with Age Management Medicine.
  • Understand new diagnostic tools and protocols which have been developed to enhance patient assessment.
  • Review Integrative Medicine protocols which are evidence based and appropriate for Age Management Medicine.
  • Understand the relationship of Telomere, DNA, Nanotechnology on health and longevity.
  • Understand recent developments in office based protocols for aesthetic medicine.
  • Learn how to maximize the assessment of aesthetic patients using superior communication and consultation techniques.
  • Understand how pigments are used for aesthetic reconstruction.
  • Understand how to use aesthetic techniques that will minimize and reduce scaring.
  • Understand how combinations of laser techniques and treatments maximize results for aesthetic patients.
  • Understand how pigmentation is used in aesthetics including, techniques and equipment.
  • Learn how to use soft tissue fillers to contour the lines of the face for superior patient satisfaction.
  • Understand research and clinical use of mind / body medicine techniques and protocols for stress and memory reversal.
  • Understand the critical importance of Vitamin D on bone and general health.
  • Learn how to use nutritional evaluation techniques to understand the link between depression and fatigue.
  • Understand the role of probiotics and the use of good bacteria for optimal health.
  • Learn how to use appropriate diagnostic tests and evidence based treatment for digestive and gut-immune dysfunction.
  • Understand appropriate diagnostic testing protocols as related to adrenal fatigue and stress.
  • Understand the particulars of the new Healthcare Reform Law and how it may impact Age Management Medicine.
  • Understand both non-pharmacologic and pharmacologic treatment options for HPA dysregulation and adrenal dysfunction.
  • Understand current research and clinical trials on growth hormone Secretagogoues.
  • Understand the evidence based use of Testosterone for Women.
  • Understand the relationship of Testosterone to Cardiovascular Disease.
  • Understand how to clinical management age related loss of pulmonary function.
  • Understand how to identify biomarkers of heart disease and reduce risk of cardiac incident with lifestyle modification.
  • Learn about the use of herbals for sexual dysfunction and which herbals treatments have evidence based clinical results.
  • Learn how to diagnose and treat aging men and women for sexual dysfunction using evidence based and emerging treatments.

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