L. Stephen Coles, M.D., Ph.D. Award

L. Stephen Coles, M.D., Ph.D. Award

For Research and Science Innovation in Aging and Age Management Medicine

A brilliant scientist and passionate researcher, L. Stephen Coles, M.D., Ph.D. combined his innate curiosity with a deep fascination for scientific discovery in multiple disciplines. His pursuit of observational, statistical and genetic data on supercentenarians maintained the strictest scientific standards while pushing the boundaries of knowledge to understand the causes of aging, "why those who live longest do so," and possibly an understanding of eventual cause(s) of aging and possible interventions.

The Age Management Medicine Group (AMMG) will present this award periodically to a Physician, Healthcare Professional, Scientist, Researcher, Member of Academia, etc. who has displayed both passion and the highest ethics and scientific values in conducting research and innovation in the fields of aging and age management medicine. 

Nomination Process:  AMMG invites nominations for the L. Stephen Coles, M.D., Ph.D. Award. Nominations should include the full name, credentials, address, phone and email of potential recipients and the person who is submitting the nomination. The nomination will require an essay not to exceed one page in length stating why this person should receive the award based on the established criteria including but not limited to what research studies the nominee has done or supported that would make them a good recipient.

Nominations are ongoing for this award. The first award was presented at the 20th Clinical Applications for Age Management Medicine Conference in Orlando, FL on May 14, 2016. Please submit future nominations via email to Greg Fillmore at gfillmore@agemed.org.



1st L. Stephen Coles, M.D., Ph.D. Award: Drs. D. James and Dorothy Morr├ę

Age Management Medicine Conference 2018 Orlando - Integrative Metabolic & Functional CME Medical TrainingAge Management Medicine Conference 2018 Orlando - Integrative Metabolic & Functional CME Medical Training


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