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AMMG Presents 10th Annual Alan P. Mintz Award to George C. Shapiro, M.D.

On Friday, November 11, 2016 at the 21st Clinical Applications for Age Management Medicine Conference in Las Vegas, the 10th Annual Alan P. Mintz, M.D. Award for Clinical Excellence in Age Management Medicine was presented to George C. Shapiro, M.D., FACC.

First presented in 2007, the award was created to honor the memory of mentor, innovator and visionary Alan P. Mintz, M.D., whose influence and support was instrumental to the development of age management medicine and AMMG.

It is fitting that Dr. Shapiro should be the recipient of the 10th Mintz Award, as he has become known nationwide as an expert in age management medicine, and leads one of the most prominent age management practices in the country as president of Cenegenics New York City.

Dr. Shapiro has been a practicing physician for 28 years, specializing in Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease and Age Management Medicine. His career in medicine began in 1988 when he graduated from New York Medical College. An internship and residency then followed at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, after which Dr. Shapiro completed a fellowship at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons in 1994, focusing on Cardiovascular Disease Management, including Congestive Heart Failure and Heart Transplantation. He has also received additional training at the State University of New York at Oneonta and the University of California at San Diego.

Dr. Shapiro grew a large, successful private practice in Scarsdale, NY, where he currently sees patients daily. Always challenged by the need for innovative medicine, Dr. Shapiro has patented medical devices as well as explored and innovated new medical protocols. He has long been known as one of New York’s foremost cardiologists, specializing in regenerative medicine and improving longevity, including the genomics of cardiovascular disease and congestive heart failure. He was a cardiologist for 20 years when he decided to seek treatment from Cenegenics to get his energy, focus and muscle tone back. After becoming a patient, he was such a believer, he joined Cenegenics as a doctor to help others who were similarly struggling with symptoms most just chalked up to the aging process, figuring there was nothing they could do about it. This led him to a career in age management medicine.

Today he has a second practice located at 40 Wall Street in Manhatta where he is the president of Cenegenics New York City, serving some of the most powerful leaders in business and society from around the world with age management medicine treatments. “I get feedback within two to four weeks” from patients, Shapiro says. “Their lives have changed. It’s a 180-degree turnaround. They say they can’t believe they felt this way for so long and it was something that could be helped.”

Affiliated with New York Presbyterian Hospital and an Adjunct Assistant Clinical Professor in Clinical Medicine at New York Medical College, Dr. Shapiro is active in 13 medical societies, has been a speaker for the Age Management Medicine Group (AMMG) group for many years, and is a long-standing member of the AMMG Conference Planning Committee. Dr. Shapiro was named a 2016 Top Doctor in New York City. Top Doctor Awards are given to healthcare practitioners who have demonstrated clinical excellence while delivering the highest standards of patient care. Dr. Shapiro is also the recipient of numerous other awards and honors. He was chosen as the Chief Medical Officer for the NFL Alumni’s Optimal Bowl and Wellness Challenge, a one of a kind wellness competition, web TV documentary series, social media and publicity campaign to promote methods of improving one’s wellness to the general public. The not-for-profit project also serves as a fundraiser for youth oriented charities supported by the NFL Alumni.

He also has been a national speaker for several top pharmaceutical companies. In, addition he was a clinical expert for various radio stations, and has been a medical consultant for several TV shows. He is currently in the process of writing a book on Optimal Wellness.

He serves his local, regional and national community as an emergency responder with multiple roles including Physician/Firefighter for the Ardsley Volunteer Fire Department, a Deputy Chief Police Surgeon for the NY State Troopers and is a member of the Westchester County Department of Special Operations HAZ-MAT team where he is an Advanced HAZ-MAT Technician.

He has completed extensive training through the New York State Division of Fire Prevention and Control and U.S. Department of Homeland Security Center for Domestic Preparedness in many programs including Weapons of Mass destruction and incident response to Terrorist Bombings at the Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center.

His passion for optimizing wellness and managing aging serves him well as he has a large family of 5 children with his lovely wife, Celeste.





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